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Hot Water Rebates

We are committed to providing our clients with excellent value at 247 Local Plumbers. In addition to providing outstanding services, we advise them on how to improve energy efficiency and get hot water rebates.

On average, about 21% of a typical home’s energy bill goes toward powering the hot water system. Installing an efficient hot water system, such as a heat pump/solar hot water system, is one approach to keep the expense of heating water at home under control. Households who switch to solar water heaters/heat pumps often see annual savings of between $140 and $400 due to reduced power use.

About Hot Water Rebates in Australia

Victorian homeowners who qualify for the Solar Homes Program may expect to save even more money. Solar Homes now offers a rebate for PV panels to new and current clients who use solar for hot water to further reduce costs.

Eligibility Criteria for Hot Water Rebates

There is a solar hot water rebate available to residents of Victoria for the purchase of a solar/heat pump system, provided the home meets the following criteria:

  • They live in a self-owned home, and their annual taxable income does not exceed $180,000. (based on the ATO Notice of Assessment)
  • Should not be previously qualified for a subsidy for solar batteries or solar hot water systems under the state’s Solar Homes Program
  • It’s an existing building with a market value of less than $3 million.
  • If the replacement hot water system is at least three years old from the date of purchase. In addition, the property owner may be eligible for a solar battery rebate /hot water rebate through
  • the Solar Homes Program if the property address did not previously qualify for a solar battery rebate.
  • There is a checkmark next to the solar /heat pump hot water system on the list of eligible items for the Solar Homes programme.
  • A household is only eligible to receive the Solar Homes incentive once. If a homeowner has once got the solar hot water rebate, they are ineligible for another one.

You may apply for an eligibility number after determining that your property fits the requirements.

Hot Water Rebate Process

Unless it’s an emergency, you should wait to install a solar hot water heater system/heat pump until you get approval from Solar Victoria. You will not be eligible for a refund on the solar hot water system if you install it before your rebate eligibility has been determined. These are the steps to follow:

  • Get a price estimate for installing solar thermal water heating or a heat pump. To get the Solar Homes incentive, you must notify your merchant that you plan to apply.
  • When you call or fill out the form on the Solar Victoria site, they will send you an eligibility bundle with the necessary forms to fill out. When you’re done, send everything back to Solar Victoria using the encrypted link given.
  • After reviewing your application, Solar Victoria will let you and your solar/ heat pump supplier know whether you’ve been accepted.
  • After receiving clearance from Solar Victoria, you may contact the supplier to schedule the system’s installation.

Note- Only officially approved products may be used in connection with this offer.

Energy-Efficient Heat Pump /Solar Water Heater Installations

For more information on hot water rebates and the best energy-efficient hot water systems, you may reach 247 Local Plumbers at 03 9070 9976 if you need system installations eligible for hot water rebates in Melbourne. Please use the Online Form to contact us, and we will respond as quickly as possible.