You need to change your old hot water heater and want to install a new water heater? Now they are more economical, more discreet and quicker. Several types of water heaters can ensure the production of domestic hot water for your home. When it comes to installing, don’t stress about it, General Plumbing Services will install your hot water heater alongside repairing and fixing them.

What we do:

  • Hot water installation
  • Hot water replacement
  • Hot water repairs
  • Emergency hot water fixes

Types of hot water heaters

The instant electric water heater produces hot water on demand, it has no tank. Ideal for powering a remote water point, garage, basement, etc. It has the advantage of requiring very little maintenance since the absence of tank limits the accumulation of limestone.

Storage gas water heater

The storage gas water heater works on the same principle as its electrical equivalent, however, the water in the tank is heated by means of a burner and not electricity. The gas water heater is powered by butane or propane.

The gas water heater has many advantages over the electric water heater:

  • Water is heated faster than an electric model.
  • Heating your water with gas is less energy intensive for equivalent performance.

It also has some disadvantages:

  • It is more polluting than the electric water heater
  • Generally, more expensive than an electric water heater.

Instant gas water heater

The instantaneous gas water heater allows you to get hot water quickly and unlimitedly. The water is heated by a burner and distributed immediately.

The installation of an instantaneous gas water heater is strictly prohibited in the following rooms:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living room
  • Bathroom

Although the instantaneous gas water heater gives you unlimited hot water, this type of water heater does not guarantee a constant temperature and can be problematic when used with a thermostatic valve, for example.

Regardless of the type or size of the hot water heater, we are ready to install or repair your hot water system. We are experienced individuals who have come together to offer your brilliant plumbing services.  We remind you that the installation and maintenance of water heaters require excessive knowledge of plumbing. The installation of this type of equipment is hardly doable by homeowners and we strongly recommend that you contact a professional if you are handling a hot water system.

Why choose us?

For many years, General Plumbing Services has worked tirelessly to offer its customers the best plumbing and heating services. And we are extremely good at what we do – the reason why our customers keep coming back to us. The formula of success is simple to us – we show up quickly at your door with a permanent solution to your problem. Our work rhythm is unmatched and of high-quality. Hence the popularity of our services, no one does it better.

We never offer services that we are not experienced and fully confident in. Fortunately for you, plumbing is not one of them – our experience in plumbing is documented and you will see it yourself. From unclogging your bathroom drain to the installation of water heaters, we offer a wide range of plumbing services. Our range of services and work ethic has got us where we are today.

If it was up to us we would take all day talking about our services, but we know our customers have more important things to do. That’s why we have put all the important information about our services on our website – take the chance and book your service today. You can also contact us via phone or email and we will gladly take you through the services.

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