Toilets are sanitary devices that are prone to certain plumbing failures. Among these various toilet plumbing concerns, there are some that are more common in a home: a faulty flush valve, a toilet that overflows, or a running toilet. There are several other problems that can disrupt the daily life of every homeowner. Diagnosing the toilet problem is not really a big problem for many people, but finding an effective solution is often the main problem. General Plumbing Services will provide you with the most effective solution for your toilet repair. We are an experienced team of plumbers coming to you with a wide-range of services.

  • Leaking toilet repairs
  • Leaking water into the bowl repairs
  • Repairing faulty toilet buttons/handles
  • Running toilet repairs
  • Broken toilet seat repairs
  • Slow refill repairs

Replacing a ballcock

Ballcock is a term used for refill valves, mostly in the order toilets. They are almost never used in new toilets. Its working mechanism is simple yet effective – they float up or down depending on the water level to either open or cut the water supply to the flush tank. These devices are known to cause problems over time and that is why they are not used anymore. If you have a faulty one that keeps breaking down, give us a call and we will replace it with a modern fill valve.

Faulty flash button

Toilets with a cracked or broken flushing button are a fairly common problem in any home. Without a functional button, the toilet will not flush. At General Plumbing Services, we use the best products to replace the components of toilets, our fix will be permanent and guaranteed.

Leaking toilets

Toilet leaks can be another fairly common problem in many bathrooms. Indeed, the leaks can be located all along the bowl of the tank and flush. Our handy plumbers will quickly locate the source and the cause of the leak and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Clogged toilets

Many homes also face clogged toilets because of toilet paper, hair clusters and so much more. Faced with this kind of recurring concerns in any home, the best solution is still giving a call to General Plumbing Services. We are also experienced in unblocking clogged toilets and will make sure you get back to your daily life quickly.

As a specialist in both commercial and residential plumbing and a service provider committed to quality, our work ethic is our strength! Our agents represent General Plumbing Services t our customers. That is why they carry in all circumstances the philosophy of the company: honesty, discretion, confidentiality, professionalism, punctuality, initiative, politeness.

Our employees regularly receive training adapted to the needs of our customers. Our team leaders, inspectors and substitute inspectors ensure a quality follow-up guaranteeing the respect and the good execution of specifications.

At our company, we are coming to propose solutions adapted to your needs. We are also committed to establishing a relationship of trust between us, by providing support at all times, regular services as well as emergency plumbing services.

With our plumbing service, you will enjoy thoroughly done plumbing work. Every professional at General Plumbing Services has the technical skills and experience to ensure you of a 100% satisfying job. Discover all the advantages of a trusted plumbing service: repairs, replacements, installations and much more.

Honesty, integrity and quality are the three fundamentals of our business and the path that takes us to success. Our customers keep coming back to us for a reason. They trust in our methods and can rely on us for every type of plumbing work.

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