Leaking pipes can show their effect gradually or suddenly. This depends, among other things, on where the leak is located in the plumbing system. The closer the pipes run along with the living spaces, the more the damage is usually noticed – in old houses, for example, where the pipes often run beneath suspended ceilings, problems with the leaking pipes are particularly noticeable. Here, the water often drips from the ceiling. If you are suspecting a leaking pipe, one of the first steps is to look for the causes and the location. Only then can the problem be effectively counteracted.

Need a leak detection performed in your home or business? We have the equipment and expertise to offer you high-quality solutions at very affordable rates. Our experience comes together with the state of the art equipment to offer you the best possible leak detection service.

Leaking sewage pipes

Leaky sewage pipes often lead to unpleasant surprises – usually, the leaking areas go unnoticed until the escaping water has already caused enormous damage. If the sewage pipes are leaking, it is time to act quickly: otherwise, massive damage to the building and the building structure can hardly be prevented. In many cases, a leak will occur on the pipe if it has been laid outdoors and covered with earth. The accumulated soil settles over time and can thereby ensure that the sewage pipe is lowered, which in turn causes the leaks.

Another natural reason is the penetration of tree roots. These can damage the pipe and lead to leaks. Furthermore, of course, errors in the construction or in the pipe installation may be the cause of leaks. If the individual pipe sections are not properly connected with each other, the pipes can become loose when stressed in the area of the sleeve. This, in turn, can cause leaks.

The causes of a leaky sewage pipe can, therefore, be quite diverse. It is important that you get a specialist to detect the leaks and prevent further damage by taking the necessary steps. We will detect and repair leaks to prevent:

  • Plumbing emergencies
  • Expensive repairs
  • Severe damage to your home/business

Our expert team checks the cause of the leak and locates it. After cleaning the pipes, the actual repair measures can begin, which of course also depend on the extent of the damage. In many cases, relining can be used, which is introduced as a new sewage pipe within the original pipe. No excavation of the soil is necessary here, so this method brings much lower costs and less effort.

In some cases, however, it makes more sense to repair the damage directly to the existing pipe. Inside the house, the floor or the wall must be pried open, in the outdoor area, the soil is excavated until the pipes are exposed. Then the damage can be examined directly on-site and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated.

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