Appliances bring convenience to us by performing all sorts of functions. Washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, and stoves are all basic necessities for many households. However, they often require knowledge of gas, plumbing and electrical work to install properly and safely, skills that many home or property owners may not have. To avoid unnecessary complications

Leave appliance installation in Melbourne to experts from 247 Plumbing! Our expert team is well-versed in plumbing, gas, and electrical connections. We can help you get many household appliances up and running for your use efficiently. We always prioritise safety, so that there is no chance of water leaks, gas leaks, or any other issues with your appliances.

We Install Many Household Appliances in Melbourne

247 Plumbing deals with many common household appliances. We can get these installed perfectly so that you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

  1. Refrigerators

    Installing a refrigerator requires basic knowledge of electrical wiring, plumbing, and carpentry. There has to be a suitable electrical outlet nearby, as well as a water supply for the ice maker and water dispenser. You will also need to ensure that the space is level and that there is enough clearance for the refrigerator door to open fully.

  2. Washing Machines

    Washing machine installation also needs knowledge of plumbing and electrical wiring. The water supply hoses need to be connected to the machine, and the drain hose needs to be properly installed. There needs to be a suitable electrical outlet nearby.

  3. Dryers

    Installing a dryer requires knowledge of electrical wiring and venting. The dryer will need to be properly grounded with a suitable electrical outlet nearby. The vent hose needs to connect to the back of the dryer and be made sure that it vents outside.

  4. Stoves

    Stoves installation requires knowledge of electrical wiring and gas lines. If your stove is gas-powered, there needs to be a suitable gas line nearby, and properly connected to the stove. You will also need to ensure that the stove is properly grounded and that there is a suitable electrical outlet nearby.

  5. Dishwashers

    Installing a dishwasher requires knowledge of plumbing and electrical wiring. You will need to ensure that there is a suitable electrical outlet nearby, as well as a water supply and a drain for the dishwasher. The dishwasher will have to be properly secured in place and kept level.

Melbourne Appliance Installation Process

Whether you are trying to have a washing machine, refrigerator or anything else installed, 247 Local Plumber follows a tried-and-true process to get things done.

  1. Inspection

    We come onsite to check the dimensions and situation of where you need the appliance installed to make sure there will be no unexpected complications in the future.

  2. Removal of old appliances

    If replacing an old appliance, the old one will need to be removed. We take extra care to not damage your property, and also to not damage the old appliance either if possible.

  3. Connect

    Once we start installing your new appliance, we make the proper plumbing, gas or electrical connections for you. We keep safety on our minds when performing these tasks

  4. Testing

    After installing the appliance and connecting all lines, we test the appliance to make sure everything is functioning properly. We check for any water or gas leaks during this process.

  5. Finish Up

    Once everything is tested and working perfectly, you can start using your new appliance! We clean up the site and let you enjoy your life.

Why Choose 247 Local Plumber

With over 25 years of experience, 247 Local Plumbers offers professional and trustworthy plumbing services to the locals of Victoria. We serve Melbourne and surrounding areas with comprehensive plumbing solutions that are always available 24/7.

We care about the quality of our work and the experience of our customers, which is why we have a dedicated customer support team and a 12-month warranty on all jobs. This also drives us to keep our prices affordable and reasonable, so that we can help as many locals in Victoria as possible.

Call 03 9070 9976 or fill in our online form, and 247 Local Plumber will be on the job in a flash!

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