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If you live in an older home, you might find yourself dealing with various plumbing issues, including noisy water pipe. This is not uncommon. However, we at General Plumbing Services know from experience that there are many reasons apart from an older structure and older plumbing that can cause water pipes to become noisy.

When your pipes make noises, it indicates there is something wrong with them. At least there are some signs that you need to look at them without delay. These kinds of issues are best dealt with by professional and licensed plumbers like the ones at our company.

We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of plumbing issues like burst pipes and more. Our skilled and licensed plumbing team will inspect the pipes, determine what is wrong before fixing the issue to your 100% satisfaction.

Why Pipes Make Noises

However, here is some information that will help you understand the different reasons for noisy water pipes even on older properties:

1. Loud Knocking While Running Water

If you can hear knocking or banging sounds whenever you turn on the tap, shower, etc., high water pressure could be causing the problem. When the water pressure is higher than it should be, it rushes much harder through the pipes. That sound you hear is when the water moves through at high speed and causes shaking in the pipes. As the pipes balance against the walls for adjacent pipes, they make the knocking or banging sound.

Apart from the noises that the pipes make, it is essential to realise that high water pressure can also cause leakages or burst pipes.  It can also damage any home appliances that use water, such as your washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Most modern-day homes have a pressure regulator installed. This device is mounted at the point where the main water supply enters the property. If your home does not have this regulator, consider hiring a professional to get one installed.

2. Rattling Pipes

When people hear rattling sounds from their pipes, they do not find it too disturbing; however, this could indicate a severe problem. When pipes rattle, it means they are not secured correctly. If the straps holding the pipes to the walls break, or if they are secured incorrectly, the pipes will rattle around whenever water flows through them. Even if this sound is not excessively loud, you must get the pipes secured to the walls with sturdy straps to ensure that the rattling stops, the situation does not worsen and result in burst pipes.

3. Random Loud Banging

Sometimes, it is normal for pipes to be a little noisy when water is flowing through them. But if you hear random loud banging coming from the pipes, that is called water hammer. The pipes have chambers or even water hammer arrestors that can help to prevent this noise.  If the water hammer arrestor or the chamber fails, it means that the water is flowing very fast and stopping suddenly when the tap is switched off. This kind of constant pressure in the pipe joints or at the valve can result in burst pipes.

4. Inadequate Cushioning

At times, pipes rumble very slightly. If you have checked the mounting traps and the water pressure and found no issues in those areas, consider adding some extra cushioning around your pipes. Insulation foam is an excellent way to ensure that your pipes do not rattle.

5. Copper Pipes

Copper pipes expand when hot water passes through them, and some of that heat is also transferred to the metal itself. In very tight spaces, copper lines that carry hot water can expand and rub against your home’s structural features such as support brackets, studs, and more, as they contract.  Reducing the temperature of the water is one way to stop this from happening.  While it is not necessary to replace copper pipes that are in good condition, you can consider installing some insulation around them to prevent the noise.

If you have noisy pipes on your property, call in a professional plumber before you find yourself dealing with burst pipes. For additional information on our burst pipes services, please call General Plumbing Services at 03 9070 9976. We are the experts that offer a range of plumbing solutions. If you need standard services, please use this Online Form to Book a Service.