The Range of Plumbing Services We Cover all Metro Suburbs in Melbourne

As a popular name in the plumbing field, we take our job very seriously. This has translated into our unmatched quality compared to many other plumbing services. We serve all metropolitan areas and offer 24/7 same-day emergency plumbing for the below-listed services:-


Same Day Emergency Plumbing


In general, plumbing issues are not to be neglected. However, some problems require immediate attention to prevent aggravation. Such cases call for hiring emergency plumbers in Melbourne to fix the problem at the earliest.

Clogging of drains are a common emergency plumbing issue. Be it your home or workplace, you wouldn’t want it to get smelly from the odour of toxic water. Moreover, stagnant water from blocked drains often causes the formation of moulds.

Whether you want a gas, electric or solar water heater system, we can get it set up flawlessly. We provide our clients with branded hot water installations that prove to be durable. You may even hire our services to get a faulty hot water system repaired.

Diagnosing the toilet problem is not really a big problem for many people, but finding an effective solution is often the main problem. 24/7 Local Plumber will provide you with the most effective solution for your toilet repair.

The leaks in plumbing systems aren’t always visible as they may take place in a portion of a pipe that usually stays out of sight. With our sophisticated equipment and experience gained over the years, we can accurately identify leakage in quick time.

Taps Repairs


Quite often, minor leaks in taps are left neglected. This, however, can eventually escalate into a big problem over time, which would be even more expensive to fix. Moreover, a constant leakage from taps can also lead to structural rot.

While setting up a gas connection in your home, you would want to get it done by a professional plumbing Melbourne company. This is because a simple mistake in the process may lead to hazardous accidents due to gas leakage. Our professional plumber Melbourne is certified to carry out gas installation & repair works.

Blocked stormwater drains need to be fixed as urgently as possible. After heavy rainfall, these drains often get clogged by debris carried by the water, such as twigs, soil, etc. Unless cleared immediately, clogging of the stormwater drain may damage the rest of your drainage system.

Pipe relining is a problem that requires immediate attention to prevent aggravation otherwise pipe is collapsed or crushed. Such cases call for hiring emergency plumbers in Melbourne to fix the problem at the earliest.

Leaky Roof Repair


One of the most inconvenient water leakage problems is water leaking through the ceiling. Unlike a usual leakage, it is hard to set up a temporary measure to contain the leakage. Evidently, you might want to hire a trusted plumber in Melbourne immediately to get it fixed.

Septic tank problems & Toiler reapirs

Septic Tank

A problem in your septic tank can result in strong and unpleasant odours. Moreover, an overflow of the septic tank would cause the sewage water to flow out and pollute the surroundings. It can even lead to the growth of unwanted weeds around the septic tank.

Whole House Water Filter Installation

Filter installation

There can be no compromises when it comes to clean drinking water. Even if the water supplied to your home is considered safe, sediments can enter it while the water flows through the pipes. We offer filter installation services such that our clients can enjoy safe water and save on the costs of bottled water.

General Plumbing Services in Victoria

There are only a few things that are worse than having plumbing issues in your home or business property. It is when you will start looking for a reliable and competent plumber in Victoria. At General Plumbing Services, we offer customers in Victoria expert plumbing solutions.

No plumbing challenge is too small or too big for our plumbers! We have proven experience in plumbing services and over the years we have satisfied every single customer.

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Best in the Business

If you choose us, we can guarantee that you will be pleased with the result, both quality and price-sensitive! The desire to deliver a service where customers are so pleased that they want to recommend us further is one of our main goals.

Here are some of our brilliant plumbing services:

Blocked Drains
& Toilets


Leaking Taps
& Showers




Water Pressure




Water Heater



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Our plumbers are proud certified EnviroPlumbers who understand how to adapt plumbing systems to be more environmentally-friendly. We can offer you expert advice on how you can adopt greener plumbing solutions for your home or business.


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