Usually, your roof will not consist of a single homogeneous surface. Various structures will be used for any type of roof. However, any penetration that takes place in the seal always affects the protection against the weather conditions. If the damage has already happened and water enters the house through the roof, quick action is required. Only in this way can damage caused by a leaky roof be kept within limits. Along with a leaking roof, a leaking gutter is also very annoying. The sound of water dripping down a pipe will test your patience. General Plumbing Services can repair your leaking roof and gutter quickly and permanently.

Causes of a leaking roof can be anything from a broken roof tile to cracked pointing on your ridge work, a rusted valley iron, poor quality work, worn out flashing or slipped flashing. Sometimes it is not as easy to notice the leaking which is worse, the damage will go unnoticed. Roof leaks are quite serious and need to be addressed professionally, 24/7 Local Plumber will identify and locate the problem. A simple broken tile isn’t the whole answer for a leaking roof.

The source of most leaks is difficult to find because it is not necessarily from where the leak occurs. In order to find this source of leakage, you should hire a professional who can accurately detect the leak.

Gutter leaking, what to do?

Gutters are constantly in contact with the weather: rain, snow, frost, wind. Depending on the material of the gutter, water can eat, weaken, disassemble or take off the elements that constitute it. The seals can also be damaged. No leak is too small, a small dripping leak can quickly transform into a bigger one and make you change your entire gutter system.

For a gutter to continue to be effective throughout the seasons, it is important to maintain it, which means:

  • the cleaning of the gutter
  • the repair of the gutter

If small holes have formed, they are easy to fill with a sealant, glue or a sealing kit specific to PVC or zinc gutters. This requires working in dry weather because it is necessary to let dry for 24 hours. It is always possible to quickly repair a small gutter leak on your own. But often, this only delays the appearance of larger damage. Most leaks occur where two gutter parts meet. Many leaks can be repaired by cleaning the joints and making sure that everything is held in place.

What we do:

  • Repair roof leaks
  • Repair gutter leaks
  • Gutter Protection
  • Tiled roofs gutter guard
  • Metal Corrugated roofs gutter guard
  • Industrial roofs gutter guard

General Plumbing Services have been operating for many years and have professional plumbers who have a vast amount of experience within the plumbing and roof/gutter industry. During these years, we have taken the challenges of many customers and satisfied them with our work. Each member of our team is fully qualified and licensed and are able to provide you with a prompt, skilful and reliable solution to fix all kinds of plumbing issues.

Offering emergency plumbing services that are available 24-hours a day means you will have someone to come to your house to fix a plumbing emergency after work hours or on weekends. We are a plumbing service during the day and a superhero after work hours. We are locally owned and operated, each client is unique and important to us.

General Plumbing Services ensures the continuity of customer-oriented work and solves the problems of procurement processes without reflecting it to customers. It attaches great importance to continuous research and business development in order to find the most suitable solutions quickly and to supply the needs in a short time by anticipating the needs of its customers.

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Our plumbers are proud certified EnviroPlumbers who understand how to adapt plumbing systems to be more environmentally-friendly. We can offer you expert advice on how you can adopt greener plumbing solutions for your home or business.


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